Welcome to The Bluejacket's Manual web site.  The basis for the site is of course, the Navy's Bluejacket's Manual.

The Coast Guard initially used this manual for their enlisted members, and in 1952 created a Coast Guard Manual that was based off the Navy's Bluejackets Manual.  For that reason, it will also be included at this site. 

 In addition, the Recruit's Handy Book, Petty Officer's Drill Book and the Deck & Boat Book were used as early guides for the US Sailor.  Again, for that reason, they are also included at this site.

The Bluejacket's Manual was, and still is published by the U.S. Naval Institute as a "Bible" of the Navy for the US Sailor.  In modern day, this publication is issued to the new "Bluejacket" on arrival at Boot Camp.

I have added "Command at Sea" and plan to add "Naval Officers Guide" in the future.  Guess the site is turning into more of a Navy Publications History Site.

This site and its contents are the sole ownership of the webmaster and no way constitute a connection or affiliation with the U.S. Navy and/or the U.S. Naval Institute.

Also, I don't sell the Bluejacket's Manuals here, check Ebay.

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