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1939 9th Edition
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1939 Hard Cover
1939 Hard Cover
Cover:  medium blue fabric covered hard-cover, book style with gold lettering
Spine: gold lettering
Author:   none listed
Copyright Date:   1938 by U. S. Naval Institute
Printing Date:   1st printing - March, 1938 (square corner)
  2nd printing - May, 1938 (? corner)
  3rd printing - June-August, 1938 (round corner)
  4th printing, with corrections - March, 1939 (round corner)
Printing Date Codes:   dates listed bottom center of title page for 2nd & 3rd printing only
  even though this is a new edition, this is the 4th printing w/corrections
Publisher:   U. S. Naval Institute
Printer:   U. S. Naval Institute
Size:   7½" x 5¼" x 1½"
Price:   none listed
Number of Pages:   834 pages including a 6 page table of contents, 6 page color plate appendix
Number of Chapters:   7 parts with 60 chapters
remarks:   cover and pages are rounded corners
approximate used value:  $100+ - only an approximate value, also check eBay or Amazon for current auctions

Main Pages

  • Title Page - pre page
  • Title Page - front
  • Title Page - back
  • Introduction Page

Table of Contents Pages

  • Table of Contents - page 1
  • Table of Contents - page 2
  • Table of Contents - page 3
  • Table of Contents - page 4
  • Table of Contents - page 5