The Recruit's Handy Book

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1902 1st Edition
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1902 Pamphlet Style Cover
1902 Pamphlet Style Cover
Cover: tan cloth covered soft cover with blue lettering and USNI Seal (assumed same as 1903)
Author:  prepared under the Direction of the Bureau of Navigation
Copyright Date:  1902 by Lieutenant E. L. Beach, USN
Printing Date:  not stated 
Publisher:  The Naval Institute, Annapolis, MD. 
Printer:  The Lord Baltimore Press, Baltimore, MD. 
Size:  4¼" x 6" x ¼"
Price:  no price listed - back cover page states
    "gratis to each recruit on enlistment"
Number of Pages:  100 pages
Number of Chapters:  2 parts each with its' own table of contents 
remarks:  all data assumed based on the 1903 edition 

Main Pages

  • Cover Page - inside
  • Title Page 1 - front
  • Preface Page - front
  • Title Page 1 - back

Table of Contents Pages

  • Table of Contents - Page 1
  • Table of Contents - Page 2