The Bluejacket's Manual


1943 11 th Edition

Early printing with round corners

Late printing with square corners


Dark Blue Leather, Gold? lettering, Spine Gold? lettering

early printing-round corners, later printing-square corners


none listed

Copyright Date:

1938, 1939, 1940, 1943 by U. S, Naval Institute

Printing Date:

1st-March, 1943;  2nd-September, 1943;  3rd-October, 1943;  4th-November, 1943;  5th-January, 1944;
6th-February, 1944;  7th-May, 1944

Printing Date Codes:

{date codes provided by mine and other collectors manuals, listed reverse side of title page}

early printing:
3-1-43-50 IG = March, 1943;  9-1-43-50=September, 1943;  10-1-43-100=October, 1943;  11-1-43-100=November, 1948

late printing:
1-1-44-50-NP=January, 1944;  2-2-44-50-OPC=February, 1944;  LI 50-3-50=May, 1943

the assumptions are:
the 50 & 100 is the quantity printed per printing run, I.E. 50= 50,000, 100=100,000;
the letter codes are for the variouys sub-printers, that is why some of the manuals have round some have square corners


U.S. Naval Institute


U.S. Naval Institute


7¾” x 5″ x 1¾”


$1.25 postpaid {late printings have price on the title page, earlys ones don’t}

Number of Pages:

1145 pages {includes index, table of contents, color plate appendix}

Number of Chapters:

41 chapters in 8 parts


War Edition, over 1,000,000 total 1943 11th editions printed

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